Lungy iOS

A smartphone app that responds to breathing in real-time.

Breathing exercises can have many benefits for physical and psychological health and are simple and generally safe to do. Often the problem is they are not performed correctly or consistently enough to get their full benefits. Pi-A has developed a new breathing wellness platform that encourages and supports the user through breathing exercises, whilst making the experience interactive, engaging and fun.

Lungy is a new mindful breathing app that uses the smartphone to respond to breathing in real time. It is a wellness app to reduce anxiety and stress, and improve sleep and sports training. It makes daily breathing exercise more playful and beneficial. We are developing the patented breath recognition technology into a platform to help people with breathing problems (such as asthma, COPD & long COVID), with clinical trials planned for 2023 / 24

Lungy is available here on the iOS App Store!

Exercise Feedback
Excercise Feedback video
Luny responds to your breathing
Lungy hero

Starting in the first UK lockdown, Lungy was developed over 2 years with a multi-disciplinary team of patients, doctors, developers and designers. It features nature-inspired visuals to engage the user in their surroundings and the physical world, and incentivises daily breathing exercise over both the short and long term. Lungy is designed to be an accessible and scaleable breathing platform that can hopefully be developed into a tool for the management of respiratory disease.

Lungy’s development was supported by Innovate UK and the National Institute of Health Research.